Finger Paints Neon Additions Swatches & Review (Part 1)

It seems as though Finger Paints has added 7 neon shades to its range. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but the fact that there is no collection name (the display just says, "new neons!") makes me think these will be core.

I have split these swatches into two posts simply because I can only deal with photographing neons for so long. It's an arduous process!

3 coats, topcoat
Finger Paints 15 Minutes of Frame ruined my camera's life. There was literally no hope for it with this shade. 15 Minutes of Frame is bright kelly green-teal hybrid that is all sorts of gorgeous. You need to see this in person!

2 coats, topcoat
 Finger Paints Pink Perspective is a super hot pink. It literally glows. I'm not sure why I avoided hot pinks for so long, but I kind of want to collect them all now. Hot damn!

2 coats, top coat
 Finger Paints Inkblot Blue. Hold me closer, Tony Danza. This blue is ridiculous. ABSURD!

The formula on these is pretty awesome! They applied with no problems whatsoever. Also, the pigmentation is top notch - no white base is needed to make these babies pop.

This month, Finger Paints are $3.99 ($2.99 for professionals) at Sally Beauty. Plus, if you buy three, you will get a free tote. What a perfect excuse to buy all of these!

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16 Responses to Finger Paints Neon Additions Swatches & Review (Part 1)

  1. That blue is amazing! I want it!

  2. I just picked up 15 minutes of Fame 2 days ago. Now I wish I would've gotten the blue as well.

  3. Omg. They are all so pretty! Do you know how the blue compares to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue?

  4. Oooh... Um in love with these already!!! I think i might get the whole collection!!

  5.  Yeah you need the blue, girl. Definitely!

  6.  Definitely my favorite of the bunch. Get it!

  7. I bought that blue and it's WAY darker in person. It looks more like Rescue Beauty Lounge's IKB:2012. So weird

  8. Your pics on MUA's Nail Board made me run out and stalk my Sally Beauty Supply until they got them out, lol! They're gorgeous, and so much prettier in real life. I'm wearing Silkscreen Green right now and love it! Thank you!

  9. That is strange! Mine was def lighter than IKB. Try it over white?

  10. You're quite welcome! They're so pretty :)

  11. I put it over white :( It's still a very pretty color, though. I don't regret the purchase. I just wonder if I got an 'off' one!



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