Purge Wars: The Battle of the Pink Corals

I am overwhelmed by both my stash and the amount of untried polishes I have, so I am starting what is bound to be a difficult, tedious polish purge.

To make this process slightly more fun, I am introducing a new blog series called Purge Wars. Here's the premise: each week, three polishes from the same color family will enter the purge arena. However, only two (or maybe one if things get crazy) will make it out un-purged. Got it? Awesome!

This week is the battle of the pink corals. Who will be the victors?

First up, Deborah Lippmann Daytripper
3 coats
Daytripper sort of has an advantage because it's a Lippmann! Not to mention, it's a squishy creme. Two qualities for which I am a major hoor. No question that this is a gorgeous polish. Daytripper was also a dream to apply. It self-leveled and didn't run or streak.

Next up, Illamasqua Lament.

3 coats
Lament is a full creme. It almost has a neon quality to it - so pretty and fun. The formula was less than desirable. Lament was a bit thick and difficult to control. I never cleanup for swatches, so you can tell how poorly a polish applied by how messy my cuticle gap is. It's really nothing a bit of thinner can't solve, though.

Finally, American Apparel Pink Ladies

2 coats
Pink Ladies is probably my favorite shade of the bunch. It's a full creme, and it is slightly warmer and more subdued than the others. The formula is kind of similar to Lament's, but slightly thinner.

Battle casualty: So long, Illamasqua Lament. I hardly knew ye!

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10 Responses to Purge Wars: The Battle of the Pink Corals

  1. This is such a cute idea! I've been purging a little bit too but I never would have thought to make the process a blog series! I've just been posting boring comparisons, lol! Good luck!

  2. Love the idea behind these posts :)

  3. I am a big fan of purging, so I am super excited for this series! :D

  4. I already know I'm going to love, love, love this series! I'm in the process of purging as well. 

  5. Pink Ladies looks the best on you to me but they're all great! What a difficult decision.

  6. good choice. daytripper is my favorite

  7. I think Lament is my favorite! It's so bright!

  8. I love all these and they a!ll look great on you



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