Layla Ceramic Effect 52 & 53 Bottle Comparisons

In case you were also curious about how these compare, here's a quick bottle comp between my new Laylas and other colored based flakies I own.

Barielle Elle's Spell, Layla CE 53, Lippmann Sweet Dreams, Raspberry Beret
In my head, I was sure Elle's Spell and 53 would be closer than this, but ES appears to have a much deeper base. I still think those two are worth a swatch comp, though. Sweet Dreams and Raspberry Beret are both pink, so there's that.

Layla CE 52, Nfu.Oh 51
In the bottle, 52's base looks a lot more blue toned than 51. 51 also has shimmer than 52 lacks. These two will definitely be swatch comp'd soon!

Any other polishes worth comparing these to? I'm resuming my old goal of getting rid of dupes in my stash. Wish me luck!

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5 Responses to Layla Ceramic Effect 52 & 53 Bottle Comparisons

  1. I'll be waiting on swatches to see how close they are on the nail. I really want to see raspberry beret haven't seen this one swatched yet.

  2. I posted a swatch of Raspberry Beret a few months ago. It's a stunner. :)

  3. Yay! I love your dupe wars, looking forward to seeing more of them Lola :)

    I only own the Nfu Oh shade...and I LOVE IT. Don't get rid of that one! I can tell in the bottle it's superior :P I'm loving the way Elle's Spell looks, I can't wait to see all your swatches of these!



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