Deborah Lippmann Lilac Wine and Color Club Eternal Beauty

Woah, is it December? Time flies when you're incredibly busy. So, you know how I planned on swatching all my Lippmanns? I'm almost done! Now I just need to focus on posting them. Anyway, onto this fun mani.

2 coats
Deborah Lippmann Lilac Wine is a pastel lavender creme. First, I love this shade of purple. I'd wear it everyday if I didn't have so many polishes. Second, the formula on this is delicious. I stamped Color Club Eternal Beauty over top with an image from BM-404.

Lila Wine retails for $17 and is available (exclusively?) at Sephora.

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12 Responses to Deborah Lippmann Lilac Wine and Color Club Eternal Beauty

  1. This is my kind of purple! And I love the design you stamped on your nails.

  2. Cuuuute! Makes me long for Spring ♥

  3. Yeaaa that's all sorts of lovely, Lola! I love these kinds of shades as well, though I always have a hard time actually buying one for some stupid reason. MUST. DO. ALREADY.

    Also - hope you had/are having a great holiday! :)

  4. I did have a great holiday, thanks! Hope you did as well. :)

    Uhh, if you still don't have a lavender polish, I'm gonna have to go ahead and shun you! :P

  5. Ooo you're right. It's a perfect spring mani!



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