Deborah Lippmann Spring Reveries 2014 Swatches & Review

Of course, the impetus for my posting these swatches is the release of the summer collection! Better late than never, I suppose. Let's talk about these pretties!

2 coats
Deborah Lippmann Spring Buds is a pistachio green creme. This shade and I do not usually play well together. Something about the yellow tone in it makes my hands look strange. I much prefer a minty green. It sure is pretty to look at, though.

2 coats
Deborah Lippmann Flowers in Her Hair is a mint green creme. It has a touch more blue in it than a true mint green, which I'm a totally digging.

2 coats
Deborah Lippmann Blue Orchid is a sky blue creme. It manages to have both a softness and vibrancy that makes it so much more than just another pastel blue. It's clean, bright, and I've been wearing this way more often than I should. Oh well, my pile of untrieds will just have to wait. :)

3 coats
Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose is a sheer, milky pink base with golden pink shimmer. It's so delicately beautiful, you can't help but love it.

2 coats
Deborah Lippman Build Me Up Buttercup is a pale yellow creme. I don't often reach for yellow, but when I do, it's always a pale one. I do appreciate having a couple pale yellows in my collection because they pair so well with so many other shades.

There's one more shade, Tip Toe Through the Tulips, that I want to share, but I need to take new pics of it. None of my shots were even close color accurate.

The formula on these was quite nice on these with the exception of La Vie En Rose. It was more streaky than I'd like, and I experienced some running and pooling with it as well. If she can get her pastels to apply nicely, surely a milky sheer shouldn't be so difficult.

Deborah Lippman Spring Reveries collection retails for $18 each and is available at Sephora.

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4 Responses to Deborah Lippmann Spring Reveries 2014 Swatches & Review

  1. These are pretty pastels. I really like La Vie En Rose.

  2. I'm the same as you Lola, yellow-tinged greens do NOT play with my my skin tone either! Urgh. Overall though, this collection is so pretty :)

  3. blue orchid looks great .

    i love wearing pastel blues in the spring/summer .

    ––– nicole



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