Burb Beauty | Meet the man who dresses Michelle Obama and Beyoncé
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Meet the man who dresses Michelle Obama and Beyoncé

Naeem Khan has dressed everyone from leading ladies to first ladies in his signature embellished gowns.

In fact, the Indian-American designer counts Beyoncé, Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton among his many glamorous fans.

He and his wife, jewelry designer Ranjana Khan, split their time between New York — where his company and their two sons are based — and their Miami penthouse.

In 2019, Khan will move his headquarters to new buildings on Miami’s Northwest South River Drive, which will also house a fashion school.

“Miami is my new favorite city,” says the 58-year-old. “It’s tropical, multicultural and sunny.”

Here’s a look at 11 things that brighten his world.

"Love the '50s modern. It's clean, functional and elegant."

"Takes me to the exotic romance land."

"Arc is my go-to pair of jeans."

"The smoothest tequila — it's my nightcap."

"The Art Deco design inspired by New York City."

"I love the beach and warm weather. The scent reminds me of that relaxing Miami feeling."

"Given to me by my dad. I sign all my most important documents with this pen."

"I grew up with palms in India. This book is the encyclopedia of palms of the world."

"The artwork and details are incredible, a continuous source of inspiration."

"Our office go-to for fresh and light lunches. It's always exciting trying new recipes."

"The coolest bohemian vibe."


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